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Hastings / Sæther

Views of Nature and Dualism

Rethinking Philosophical, Theological, and Religious Assumptions in the Anthropocene

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Springer International Publishing. ISBN 978-3-031-42902-6

Das Werk ist Teil der Reihe: Progress in Mathematics


"This is a very timely contribution to a growing and vital body of reflection on the climate emergency within the humanities. It offers a creative diversity of voices, and makes a strong addition to current scholarship. It will be an important resource for scholars and students in ecotheology, ecospirituality, and environmental humanities more generally." -Christopher Southgate, Professor of Christian Theodicy, University of Exeter, UK

In the face of the anthropogenic threats to the singular planetary habitat we share with other human beings and non-human species, humanities scholars feel a renewed sense of urgency 1) to acknowledge the ways our species has funded particular histories of environmental exploitation, alienation, and collapse, 2) to unpack inherited assumptions that impact our views of nature and interspecies relations, and 3) to suggest ways of thinking and acting that seek to repair the damage and promote mutual flourishing for all of earth inhabitants. This volume brings together scholars in philosophy, theology, and religion who take up this urgent ethical task from a broad range of perspectives and locations.

Thomas John Hastings is the former Executive Director and Administrative Faculty, Overseas Ministries Studies Center at Princeton Theological Seminary, USA. He is also Editor of the International Bulletin of Mission Research.

Knut-Willy Sæther is Professor at the Department of Religious Studies, Volda University College, Norway.

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