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La femme 100 têtes / The Hundred Headless Woman

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Buch. Softcover


360 S.

In englischer Sprache

Steidl GmbH & Co.OHG. ISBN 978-3-95829-560-5

Format (B x L): 24.8 x 33 cm


La femme 100 têtes / The Hundred Headless Woman presents over 150 portraits of 100 women-some acquaintances, some strangers-taken by Angela Grauerholz over a 30-year period and presented for the first time in this book. Collaging diverse photos made with various cameras and technologies with text fragments from a range of mostly female authors, Grauerholz creates a hybrid between a magazine and book that forms a complex portrait of women. The title La femme 100 têtes is borrowed from Max Ernst's 1929 Surrealist collage novel of the same name, in which he combined cut-up and reassembled nineteenth-century illustrations with bizarre captions. Grauerholz welcomes the double entendre of Ernst's title-when read aloud in French it means both "the hundred-headed woman" and "the headless woman"-to create a sense of womanhood intricately individual and violently anonymous. The intentionally quotidian nature of Grauerholz's photos blurs the "class" distinctions between images in an art context, in a printed publication and on the Internet, and tests the changing ways we encounter and judge photography.

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