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Gas Lift Systems Design & Optimization

A Modern Modeling Approach

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297 S.

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PennWell Books. ISBN 978-1-955578-02-8


Gas Lift Systems Design and Optimization: A Modern Modeling Approach captures how to optimize gas lifted fields using various modeling tools and communications technologies. This book presents a holistic design that assures a comprehensive system methodology. To help achieve the goals of production optimization, this text examines certain vital concepts such as - fluid properties and inflow capacities, gas lift design options, gas lift supply and production gathering facilities as well as operation of processing equipment. Furthermore, various field management strategies are demonstrated in this solid approach, which will enable engineers to apply and achieve many key performance indicators in field operations.

A technical book that covers all aspects of production optimization of gas lift systems, it details efficient and practical ways of designing and managing gas lifted network systems from a field perspective. Gas lift system optimization methods described herein establish that superior economic benefits can be achieved if each component of the whole network is reviewed and optimized, instead of optimizing the well performance alone. Additionally, the book highlights the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science technologies that are available today to take asset optimization to greater heights and extend its benefits. The author brings to the table his 30+ years of leading-edge insight and practical know-how, which will equip the reader with the wisdom to embark on field gas lift system optimization using modern, pragmatic, applied, and proven methods.

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