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Positive Leadership

Leading successfully with PERMA-Lead: The five keys to high performance

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Buch. Softcover


307 S.

In englischer Sprache

Facultas. ISBN 978-3-7089-1936-2

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What is different about managers who consistently inspire their staff to become highly motivated, loyal team members with outstanding achievements? What does it take for employees to develop their potential instead of just performing assigned tasks?
This book, Positive Leadership, introduces the wide-ranging research that shapes this revolutionary leadership and, most important, it describes many field-tested tools to implement this approach. Numerous examples show how leaders, coaches, and consultants have successfully used Positive Leadership in their work.
PERMA-Lead presents a new, evidence- based, and practical Positive Leadership concept supported by more than 500 recent studies from around the world (including those done by the author and his academic colleagues).The scientific evidence shows that this leadership approach is not a socially romantic sentiment, but based on successful experiences. Companies such as IKEA, Lidl, Bosch, T-Mobile and many others have already integrated these ideas into their leadership culture.

This English edition includes a foreword from the world-renowned organizational psychologist, Kim Cameron. He founded the first relevant positive leadership approach and highly recommends this book as: “a must-read for leaders, consultants, and change agents who are interested in helping employees flourish, reach their highest potential, and achieve extraordinary success.”

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