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Issues, realities and solutions

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2019. Buch. 299 S. 10 s/w-Abbildungen, 20 Farbfotos, 30 s/w-Tabelle. Softcover

De Gruyter. ISBN 978-3-11-062045-0

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Das Werk ist Teil der Reihe: De Gruyter Studies in Tourism


As tourism has surged, there have been increased concerns expressed about overtourism – a phenomena of unsustainable tourism which negatively affects the livelihoods of local communities and the resources upon which tourism is based. As it is becoming increasingly clear that the environmental, social and economic impacts of tourism on destinations must be managed appropriately to secure their long-term viability, there is a critical need to understand governance and planning tools that can resolve current problems of overtourism without losing the benefits of tourism development. The concerns about overtourism expressed in both academic and popular literature include: too many tourists in one place, rowdy and other inappropriate behaviour by tourists, antagonism between residents and tourists, crowding, strains on infrastructure, loss of authenticity, loss of amenity and reduction in quality of life of residents and reduced enjoyment of experiences by tourists. Overtourism is the first book to examine in detail the origin and causes of overtourism and place the topic in a conceptual context with other forms of tourism including sustainable and mass tourism. It includes a number of case studies of overtourism in both urban and rural settings and discusses potential steps to reduce the impacts on both residents and the natural environment of affected areas. Table of Contents Foreword: Justin Francis, Part I: Introduction - Introduction (Rachel Dodds and Richard Butler)
- The enablers of overtourism (Rachel Dodds and Richard Butler)
Part II: Theoretical positioning Intro section (editors) - Perspectives on the Environment and Overtourism (Geoff Wall)
- Authenticity and Overtourism (Jillian Rickly)
- The Role of Social Media in Creating and Addressing Overtourism (Ulrike Gretzel)
- Overtourism and the TALC (Richard Butler)
Part III: Case studies Intro section (editors) - Boracay Beach Closure: The Role of the Government and the Private Sector (Reil Cruz and Giovanni Legaspi)
- Thailand: Too Popular for Its Own Good (Janto Hass)
- Barcelona – Crowding out the locals: A Model for Tourism Management? (Harold Goodwin)
- Venice: Capacity and Tourism (Emma Nolan and Hugues Seraphin)
- Prague and the Impact of Low Cost Airlines (Miroslav Roncak)
- Lucerne and the Impact of Asian Group Tours (Fabian Weber, Florian Eggli, Timo Ohnmacht and Jürg Stettler)
- The Hajj: Crowding and Congestion Problems for Pilgrims and Hosts (Jahanzeeb Qurashi)
- Overtourism in Rural Settings: The Scottish Highlands and Islands (Richard Butler)
Part IV: Challenges to Mitigating and Controlling Overtourism Intro section (editors) - Managing Overtourism at the Municipal/Destination Level (Walter Jamieson & Michelle Jamieson)
- Stakeholder Management, Different Interests and Different Actions (Suzanne Becken and David Simmons)
- Policy, Planning and Governance: (Marion Joppe)
Part IV: Conclusion - Conclusion: the Future We Face (Rachel Dodds and Richard Butler)
Editors: Rachel Dodds is a Professor in the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management at Ryerson University in Canada. She has worked extensively in tourism and sustainability and has published extensively on these topics. She co- authored a book on Sustainable Tourism in Islands and has edited journals on sustainable tourism. She is on the Editorial board of a number of journals and is best known for her work on sustainable tourism. Her bio and summary of recent achievements can be found here Her google scholar summary can be found here: Richard Butler is Professor Emeritus from the University of Strathclyde. He has published over twenty books on tourism and many articles and chapters on several aspects of tourism, particularly on destination development and associated impacts of tourism. He is a former president of the International Academy for the Study of Tourism and of the Canadian Association for Leisure Studies, and in 2016 was awarded the Ulysses Medal by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation for excellence in the creation and dissemination of knowledge. Contributors: Dr. Susanne Becken is the Director of the Griffith Institute for Tourism at Griffith University, Australia. Dr. Richard Butler is Emeritus Professor at Strathclyde University, Glasgow, UK and Visiting Professor at the Tourism Academy in NHTV University, Breda (the Netherlands). Dr. Reil Cruz is former dean of the University of Philippines Asian Institute of Tourism where he currently heads its tourism and extension division. Dr. Rachel Dodds is a Professor in the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management at Ryerson University, Canada. Florian Eggli is a PhD candidate in Tourism Studies at the University of Lausanne and also works at the Institute of Tourism at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Switzerland. Dr. Ulrike Gretzel is a Senior Fellow at the Center of Public Relations, University of Southern California, USA. Dr. Harold Goodwin is Professor Emeritus at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK and Director of Responsible Tourism in the Institute of Place Management. Janto Hess is an independent consultant and PhD researcher at University College London (UCL), UK. Professor Walter Jamieson has worked for a number of organisations including: ADB, UNWTO, ESCAP, World Bank, UNESCO, JICA and ASEAN over a career spanning more than 40 years. Michelle Jamieson has worked in the tourism and hospitality industry on a global scale and on a number of regional tourism and tourism marketing strategies including ASEAN. Dr. Marion Joppe is a Professor at the School of Hospitality, Food and Tourism Management, University of Guelph, Canada and President of Tourism Environment. Giovani Francis A. Legaspi is an Assistant Professor at the University of Philippines, Asian Institute of Tourism. Emma Nolan has 25 years' experience as an event management practitioner and academic. Dr. Timo Ohnmacht is a sociologist and Professor at the Institute of Tourism at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Switzerland. Dr. Jahanzeeb Qurashi achieved his PhD in Tourism at the University of Central Lancashire, UK. Dr. Jillian Rickly is Associate Professor of Tourism Management and Marketing at the University of Nottingham, UK. Miroslav Roncak has more than 25 years' experience in international tourism, research and effective destination promotion. Dr. Hugues Seraphin is a Senior Lecturer in Event and Tourism Management and Programme Leader for Event Management at the University of Winchester, UK. Professor David G. Simmons is a founding member of the Department of Tourism, Sport and Society at the University of Lincoln, UK. Dr. Juerg Stettler is Deputy Dean and Head of Research of the Business School and Head of Institute of Tourism at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Switzerland. Dr. Geoff Wall is Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Department of Geography and Environmental Management, University of Waterloo, Canada. Dr. Fabian Weber is lecturer and project manager at the Institute of Tourism at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Switzerland.


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