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Practical Cardio-Oncology

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1. Auflage. 2019

260 S.

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Taylor & Francis Ltd.. ISBN 978-1-351-58356-5


This book takes a holistic view of the treatment of cardio-oncology patients, from evaluating those at high risk of developing cardio-toxicity, guidance for monitoring and managing patients during therapy to cardiac care of cancer survivors. Throughout, this book utilizes the latest research and guidance to offer advice on treatment strategy as well as practical elements of such as training, cardio-oncology nursing, patient education and how to establish a cardio-oncology unit. This book focuses on the practical knowledge and skills key to successful collaboration between cardiologists and oncologists to achieve the optimum cardiac care for cancer patients.

Key Features

  • Focuses on the practical elements of cardio-oncology care
  • Outlines the importance and process of setting up a cardio-oncology unit and cardio-oncology fellowships
  • Provides advice and guidance on the set up and common pit falls of coordinating care for cardio-oncology patients
  • Outlines current guidelines and potential future directions for the field of cardio-oncology
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