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Two Questers in the Twentieth-century North Africa

Paul Bowles and Ibrahim Alkoni

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Buch. Hardcover


280 S.

In englischer Sprache

Cambridge Scholars Publishing. ISBN 978-1-4438-9525-5


This book offers a unique exploration of the work of Paul Bowles and Ibrahim Alkoni, and reveals timely insights into the relationship between the West and the Orient, showing that they both challenge and extend existing scholarship on this subject.

It builds on a sound theoretical platform which serves as a solid foundation for the analysis of the overarching theme. Theories of place, representation, Orientalism and post-colonialism are discussed in depth and are linked to the deconstruction and analysis of the selected literary texts, helping the reader understand the various quests and motivations of the protagonists of the works of Bowles and Alkoni.

The first part of the book looks into the work of Bowles, and is based on the fact that many of the author’s texts revolve around the theme of encounters between Western and Eastern cultures. It adopts a specific focus on the North African space, which is depicted from a number of different points of view, including native, French, English and American perspectives.

The second section discusses the work of the Libyan author Ibrahim Alkoni as a quester for a Mythical Identity. It introduces the reader to the significance of the desert in both classical and modern Arabic literature and its place in the Arabic cultural imaginary.

This work is highly original both in its approach and subject matter, and, as such, it constitutes a valuable contribution to the study of comparative literature, Arabic literature, and postcolonial magical realist literature. It offers many original insights into this little studied field, demonstrating a successful venture into less-trodden terrain.

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