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Fast Facts: Biosimilars

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Biosimilars have been in clinical use for more than 10 years, and evidence from more than 700 million patient-days' exposure shows that approved biosimilars can be used as safely and effectively as their originator biologics. And yet concerns about these drugs persist, particularly in therapy areas where they are recent additions to the formulary. It is vital to address these concerns so that clinicians can prescribe biosimilars with confidence, realizing substantial cost savings and improving patient access to effective treatments. 'Fast Facts: Biosimilars' provides a comprehensive yet concise explanation of biosimilars: what they are, how they are regulated, and how they are used in clinical practice. It is ideal for healthcare professionals and decision makers who want to understand biosimilars and the key concerns and controversies around these valuable products. Contents: 1 - An introduction to biologics and biosimilars 2 - Why do we need biosimilars? 3 - How is the quality of biosimilars assured? 4 - How is the efficacy and safety of biosimilars ensured? 5 - What has been the experience with biosimilars to date? 6 - The future of biosimilar medicines 7 - How do I use biosimilar medicines?

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