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Carayannis / Pirzadeh

Culture, Innovation, and Growth Dynamics

A New Theory for the Applicability of Ideas

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1st ed. 2021. 2021

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Springer International Publishing. ISBN 978-3-030-14903-1


This book argues that ideas and values are not readily applicable and transferable to all situations and that the necessary condition for an idea, which is conceived in one context, to be effective elsewhere, is that it must be stripped from its original context and become value-free. Because ideas are products and consequences of distinct historical experiences and cultural evolutions, they retain specificities that cannot be co-opted into other settings. Therefore, past economic models based on one formula have failed as they have not taken into consideration historical, political, and social complexities. The book emphasizes that neither modernization, which was enabled by industrialization and technological innovation, nor modernity as the dominant Western intellectual paradigm, has achieved betterment of human society in either western or non-western parts of the world. Part of the book's objective is rethinking the dominant paradigm as we face an existential crisis that requires a new social contract that is more inclusive and attentive to diversity of cultural histories and identities. We must bear in mind that diversity is a strength and the very essence of our identity. This seminal work is essential reading for researchers of economic growth and development study, political science, and innovation.

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