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Systematic Nomenclature of Organic, Organometallic and Coordination Chemistry

Chemical-Abstracts Guidelines with IUPAC Recommendations and Many Trivial Names

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Buch. Softcover


695 S.

In englischer Sprache

Logos. ISBN 978-3-8325-5374-6

Format (B x L): 20,5 x 29,3 cm


This second English edition has been revised and upgraded to contain the latest Chemical-Abstracts and IUPAC nomenclature guidelines. The book is aimed at chemists, biochemists, pharmacologists, scientists at all levels in academia and industry, as well as documentalists, editors, and software developers. It presents in a user-friendly way all that is required to construct or interpret systematic names of organic, organometallic, and coordination compounds, including those of more complicated molecules:

-Logic, coherent structure and organization of the material according to the procedure of naming, based on the most recent Chemical-Abstracts nomenclature guidelines, with references to the 2013 recommendations for IUPAC-preferred names (PINs) and with many trivial names.

- Detailed description of the names of molecular-skeleton parents, including an illustrative procedure for the naming of fused polycycles.

- Construction of the names of all compound classes illustrated by colors, with an emphasis on radicals, ions, and organometallic and coordination compounds.

- Collection of the stereoparent names of the alkaloids, amino acids, peptides, carbohydrates, cyclitols, nucleosides, nucleotides, nucleic acids, steroids, terpenes, carotenoids, retinoids, vitamins, and prophyrins as well as guidelines for the naming of polymers and isotopically modified compounds.

- Detailed instructions for the citation of indicated H atom (indicated hydrogen) in names and naming of tautomers.

- Comprehensive description of the Cahn--Ingold--Prelog system for the specification of configuration and of the thus derived stereodescriptors for names of chiral organic, organometallic, and coordination compounds, including instructions concerning the stereodescriptors used by Chemical Abstracts until 1999.

- Over 6000 drawings of compounds with names from practice, about 3000 in color.

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