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Binder and Polymer Assisted Powder Processing

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273 S.

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ASM International. ISBN 978-1-62708-275-4


The field of powder-binder shaping is growing to reach levels of great commercial significance. Shaping technologies based on powder-binder formulations apply to a broad array of engineering components and even reach into medical implants and aerospace components. Powder-binder formulations have also evolved in the form of additive manufacturing, allowing component production without tooling.

This fundamental and practical guide focuses on the basic principles and options available for the application of polymers and natural organics to powder processing. It links the material, powder characteristics, forming process, and product attributes together to give the first unified treatment on polymer assisted powder processing.

The processes discussed include uniaxial die compaction, injection molding, tape casting, extrusion, slip casting, slurry casting, and additive manufacturing. In each process, the technical requirements are outlined and the polymer candidates are identified. This book bridges the practical aspects of cost, availability, and safety with fundamental structure, properties, processing, and tests. Each chapter concludes with a review of current industrial standards and examples of practices.

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