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SAP Cloud Platform Integration

The Comprehensive Guide

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Rheinwerk Verlag. ISBN 978-1-4932-1964-3

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Bring your cloud and on-premise applications together with SAP Cloud Integration (formerly SAP Cloud Platform Integration) in the SAP Integration Suite! Integrate processes and data in your system, step-by-step, by developing and configuring integration flows in Cloud Foundry and Neo environments. Enhance your integrations with APIs, open connectors, and custom adapters. Explore prepackaged content in the content catalog, debug and secure integration projects, enable B2B integration, and more!

a. Fundamentals
Find out how SAP Cloud Integration fits into SAP's cloud strategy. Whether you’re in the Cloud Foundry or Neo environment, explore its architecture and tools, and learn how to run your first integration flow.

b. Integration Development
Using prepackaged integration content? Developing custom integrations? Either way, this guide has you covered with step-by-step instructions and screenshots. Master the SAP Cloud Integration runtime, including processes like debugging and error handling.

c. SAP Integration Suite
Put the new SAP Integration Suite to work. See how capabilities like APIs, application connectors, and the Integration Advisor work with SAP Cloud Integration.

d. Updated and Expanded
Revised to include new SAP Cloud Integration features including open connectors, ELSTER integration, AMQP and JMS adapters, integration flow processing simulation, and how to use the service on both Cloud Foundry and Neo.

1) Integration flows
2) Integration content catalog (SAP API Business Hub)
3) Modeling synchronous and asynchronous scenarios
4) Debugging
5) Security
6) B2B integration
7) Root cause analysis
8) Web UI
9) Message mappings
10) SAP Integration Suite
11) SAP API Management

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