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Intermediality and Spectatorship in the Theatre Work of Robert Lepage

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Buch. Hardcover


343 S.

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Cambridge Scholars Publishing. ISBN 978-1-4438-9785-3


Robert Lepage has imposed himself in the past three decades as a Wunderkind of contemporary theatre, with eagerly awaited and widely acclaimed productions at the most prestigious theatre festivals and venues around the world. Soon after his international breakthrough with The Dragon’s Trilogy (1984), Lepage’s work became an object of particular scrutiny for critics and scholars, and continues to be subject to media exposure, inspiring cultural critique, academic study and the admiration of audiences across the world. A recurrent fascination with the formal novelty of his theatrical approach imbues most, if not all, critical considerations. However, in spite of the wide interest provoked, little space has been devoted to the quintessential impact of his work on spectatorship, and, most importantly, to connecting the dots between his creative practice and its substantial impact on audiences. Intermediality and Spectatorship in the Theatre Work of Robert Lepage bridges this gap by exploring the notion that intermediality – observed both as a mise-en-scene strategy and a perceptual effect in performance – is situated at the core of the director’s approach. This approach is situated in direct relation to the evolving expectations and medial competencies of spectators, demonstrating an in-depth understanding of the ways in which different media can be engaged in the creative process in a holistic way in order to alter the regime of spectatorship, to enhance its creative and cognitive potential.

Lepage’s work and theatre making process are analysed here from an interdisciplinary perspective that combines theatre, media and cultural studies, and which is applied to his solo shows, namely Vinci (1986), Needles and Opium (1991), Elsinore (1995), Far Side of the Moon (2000) and Project Andersen (2005). In bringing to the forefront interconnecting notions of intermediality and contemporary spectatorship, the book highlights the director’s preoccupation with an ongoing dialogue with audiences across the world, and their particular involvement in the development of one of the most innovative practices of the Western theatre landscape.

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