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Agile Project Delivery

A Practical Approach for Corporate Environments Beyond Software Development

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Buch. Softcover


290 S.

In englischer Sprache

Canadian Scholars. ISBN 978-1-77338-214-2


Agile Project Delivery: A Practical Approach for Corporate Environments Beyond Software Development reviews how various Agile methods can be applied to project management in complex corporate environments beyond the software development sphere. Readers will learn various techniques across the many methodologies that are part of the Agile family, including Scrum, XP, and Crystal, as well as some of Agile’s influences, such as Lean and Kanban.

Written to bridge the gap between Agile methodology and application, this concise text features practical delivery approaches, specific case studies, unique templates to assist in Agile application, and chapter discussion questions to reinforce understanding on how to harness Agile techniques. With a wide focus on a variety of settings outside of software development, this pedagogically rich text is an invaluable resource for students in any project management course at the college and university levels as well as for both aspiring and experienced project practitioners.

FEATURES: - offers advanced instructions on how to use Atlassian’s industry-leading Agile software, Jira
- discusses the application of Agile methods in non–software development industries, featuring case studies that follow a project manager working through a large health care–related project
- features lists of key terms, case studies, templates, informative figures, discussion questions, and a concluding glossary
- includes lecture slides and an exam test bank for instructors

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