The Saint and the Pig

A dream and how St. Antonius is involved
2015. Buch. 196 S. Hardcover
Living Human Heritage ISBN 978-3-9524468-2-9
In englischer Sprache
Saint Anthony and the pig – at first glance an odd pairing of opposites! Antonius, also known as Antonius “the Great”, has acquired legendary status as a personality seeking to reconcile the psychic opposites that were polarised as a result of the Christian viewpoint. In her work, which owes its origins to a dream, the author explores the symbolic importance of this figure and his attributes. On the basis of the psychology of C.G. Jung and M.-L. von Franz, she examines and interprets the legends and iconography of the saint with the pig. There are references to this day and age and the spiritual realities of modern man, which give the work an unexpectedly contemporary relevance. This book is an extended revision of the original version.
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