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Abbamonte / Cavaliere

Mediterranean Heritage in Transit

(Mis-)Representations via English

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Buch. Hardcover


295 S.

In englischer Sprache

Cambridge Scholars Publishing. ISBN 978-1-4438-8716-8


It is mainly within and around Mediterranean itineraries that the European Union seeks its in/tangible cultural heritage, an important component of both individual and collective identities. This volume brings together many different strands of analysis, helping to shed light on the multifaceted entities that constitute the socio-semiotic landscape of the Mediterranean. It views this vibrant scenario from a cross-cultural perspective, and investigates the domains of national identities and stereotypes, advertising and social media, TV series, myths and festivals, landscapes, culture-bound terms, migrating words, and food.

More specifically, some chapters revolve around issues of intra-/inter-group identities in the context of itineraries of recent or historical migrations, and how such variegated identities are re-shaped by and through the media, in a dynamic interplay of symbols and clichés. In the same vein, gender issues are also addressed in a dimension suspended between tradition and modernity, with a special focus on Turkish women. The multi-dimensional Turkish culture and landscape are also voiced through an example of blended American/Turkish children’s literature.

Other chapters explore the language of tourism in the diverse multimodal representations and textualizations of the tourist experience in Mediterranean destinations, mainly expressed through social media. The contemporary appreciation of the Mediterranean Diet as a global cultural heritage is also explored through the magnifying lens of such media.

Given the variety of perspectives and methodological approaches adopted by the contributors, this volume offers useful insights to students and practitioners of discourse analysis alike. From an educational perspective, the book, which also includes practical worksheets, can be used in first- and second-level degrees in Foreign Languages, Communication, Political Sciences, Media and Cultural Studies, as well as specific courses in linguistics, multimodal studies, critical discourse analysis and corpus linguistics.

The underlying rationale of the book is its concentration on the prominent role of English in representing the Mediterranean heritage, despite the fact that it is a non-Mediterranean language. At the same time, the volume bridges the gap between academic research and class practice at the university level.

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