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'Black Lives Matter'

Cross-Media Resonance and the Iconic Turn of Language

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2018. Buch. 208 S. Hardcover

Cambridge Scholars Publishing. ISBN 978-1-5275-0657-2

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This volume focuses on the ongoing protest in the US against racial discrimination and racial profiling, which often result in the loss of black lives at the hands of police agents, a phenomenon that has recently attracted unprecedented media attention. The topics dealt with here, such as the relevance of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement, are currently included in a variety of education curricula in the US, and, in like manner, this book can be used in first and second level degrees in linguistic and cultural studies, communication, media studies and political sciences. It contains well-developed methodological sections (with tables, figures, graphs and notes), where the tenets of critical discourse analysis are concisely illustrated from its Foucauldian roots up to the more recent developments of multimodal critical discourse analysis and positive discourse analysis, as well as the contribution of the Sidney School with their emphasis on mapping culture through narrative genres and the wealth of resources for discourse analysis provided by the appraisal framework


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