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The Possibility of the Sublime

Aesthetic Exchanges

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Cambridge Scholars Publishing. ISBN 978-1-5275-0296-3


The notion of the sublime, used to describe a particular kind of overwhelming or exhilarating aesthetic experience, has garnered a great deal of attention by philosophers, critical theorists and literary scholars. In the midst of this growing body of literature, Professor Jane Forsey published an article asking whether an aesthetic theory of the sublime is even possible, and argued provocatively in the negative. Claiming that efforts to explain the sublime inevitably result in theories that are either contradictory or incoherent, Forsey posed a challenge to anyone who takes the sublime seriously as an aesthetic category.

This volume brings together an international slate of philosophers and scholars of the sublime, who have been invited to respond to, and critically engage with, Forsey’s article. Unlike other monographs and anthologies that deal broadly with the sublime in aesthetics, this collection examines specific conceptual problems with the very foundations of sublime theory in a manner that is tightly focused and rigorous. It represents a variety of approaches that defend the sublime, and concludes with an original response by Professor Forsey to her critics.

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