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Mistletoe: From Mythology to Evidence-Based Medicine

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2015. Buch. 84 S. Hardcover

S. Karger. ISBN 978-3-318-05444-6

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Das Werk ist Teil der Reihe: Translational Research in Biomedicine; 4


Since ancient times the mistletoe plant has been used for healing diseases. Today mistletoe extract therapy is among the most thoroughly studied complementary treatments in Europe. Several studies and meta-analyses have shown it to be beneficial for cancer patients in terms of survival, improved quality of life and minimised side effects of cancer chemotherapy. This book gives an overview of the research on mistletoe therapy from antiquity to the present. Topics discussed include the cultural and medical history of mistletoe, the diversity of the plant´s molecular constituents, and its anticancer activities including cytotoxicity and immunomodulation. A timeline of the development of mistletoe research is presented. Special attention is given to the application of mistletoe extracts as a supportive treatment in glioblastoma, after cancer surgery and in cancer-related fatigue. This timely publication is a treasure trove for oncologists devoted to a holistic tumor therapy, caregivers of cancer patients, pharmacologists interested in phytomedicine and medical historians.


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