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Modern Inorganic Synthetic Chemistry

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2017. Buch. 808 S. Hardcover

Elsevier Science & Technology. ISBN 978-0-444-63591-4

Format (B x L): 21,6 x 27,6 cm

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Modern Inorganic Synthetic Chemistry, Second Edition captures, in five distinct sections, the latest advancements in inorganic synthetic chemistry, providing materials chemists, chemical engineers, and materials scientists with a valuable reference source to help them advance their research efforts and achieve breakthroughs.

Section one includes six chapters centering on synthetic chemistry under specific conditions, such as high-temperature, low-temperature and cryogenic, hydrothermal and solvothermal, high-pressure, photochemical and fusion conditions. Section two focuses on the synthesis and related chemistry problems of highly distinct categories of inorganic compounds, including superheavy elements, coordination compounds and coordination polymers, cluster compounds, organometallic compounds, inorganic polymers, and nonstoichiometric compounds. Section three elaborates on the synthetic chemistry of five important classes of inorganic functional materials, namely, ordered porous materials, carbon materials, advanced ceramic materials, host-guest materials, and hierarchically structured materials. Section four consists of four chapters where the synthesis of functional inorganic aggregates is discussed, giving special attention to the growth of single crystals, assembly of nanomaterials, and preparation of amorphous materials and membranes. The new edition's biggest highlight is Section five where the frontier in inorganic synthetic chemistry is reviewed by focusing on biomimetic synthesis and rationally designed synthesis.

- Focuses on the chemistry of inorganic synthesis, assembly, and organization of wide-ranging inorganic systems
- Covers all major methodologies of inorganic synthesis
- Provides state-of-the-art synthetic methods
- Includes real examples in the organization of complex inorganic functional materials
- Contains more than 4000 references that are all highly reflective of the latest advancement in inorganic synthetic chemistry
- Presents a comprehensive coverage of the key issues involved in modern inorganic synthetic chemistry as written by experts in the field


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