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Worlds of Flavor

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2030. Buch. 600 S. Hardcover

WILEY. ISBN 978-0-470-13775-8

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In today's increasingly multicultural world, consumers are becoming more and more knowledgeable and adventurous about cooking and eating. Foods that would once have been considered "ethnic," like salsa, sushi, and even olive oil, are now commonplace in every American kitchen. In this new culinary landscape, it is essential for culinary professionals and consumers alike to have an extensive knowledge of world cuisines. This book provides an all-encompassing look at the flavors and ingredients of the world, from the Mediterranean to Asia to Latin America. Written by a panel of well-known experts, it examines how dishes have evolved, how different cultures have influenced each other, and how ingredients and flavors have traveled and changed through continents and generations. For each region of the world, there are authentic, traditional, and contemporary recipes, with approximately 300 recipes included in all. The book also includes comprehensive glossaries, pronunciation guides, reading lists, resource listings, and ingredient lists grouped into flavor profiles. Illustrated throughout by maps, illustrations, and 350 full-color photos, Worlds of Flavor will make the best of world food accessible to professionals and skilled home cooks alike. Star chef Marcus Samuelsson has written about the emerging era of "personal cuisine" in which cooking "will be defined by all of a chef's influences." In that spirit, this book will help readers to create both traditional ethnic foods and new, exciting cross-cultural dishes inspired by flavors and ingredients from every corner of the world.


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