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Don't Wait for Your Ship to Come In...Swim Out to Meet It

Tools and Techniques for Positive Lasting Change

2008. Buch. 344 S. Softcover

WILEY. ISBN 978-1-84112-733-0

Format (B x L): 13,5 x 21,6 cm

Gewicht: 420 g

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Whatever you want out of life, you need a plan. While it might seem easier to put your trust in the cosmic order, a better way is to give fate a helping hand. It's your life, so take it personally!

Don't Wait for Your Ship to Come in... takes three interweaving themes of insight, ownership and action to provide a complete course of accessible insights, tools and techniques. the themes represent:
* insight - Insight that things must change is the first step in creating positive lasting change.
* ownership - The ship belongs to you and it carries a cargo of your goals. Once you recognize that things need to change, its time to take stock of personal strengths and values and take control.
* action - Personal goals need personal action. Persistent positive action brings positive lasting change.

By following these principles, you will be able to transform mere wishful thinking into well-formed goals. Don't Wait for Your Ship to come in... will help you make lasting positive change in your life and gives you the tool and techniques for doing just that.

Don't just tread water. go on and make a real splash!


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