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A Science of Discovery

2010. Buch. 410 S. Hardcover

Wiley. ISBN 978-0-470-28345-5

Format (B x L): 16,4 x 23,8 cm

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Leading researchers discuss the past and present of chromatography

More than one hundred years after Mikhail Tswett pioneered adsorption chromatography, his separation technique has developed into an important branch of scientific study. Providing a full portrait of the discipline, Chromatography: A Science of Discovery bridges the gap between early, twentieth-century chromatography and the cutting edge of today's research.

Featuring contributions from more than fifty award-winning chromatographers, Chromatography offers a multifaceted look at the development and maturation of this field into its current state, as well as its importance across various scientific endeavors. The coverage includes:

* Consideration of chromatography as a unified science rather than just a separation method
* Key breakthroughs, revolutions, and paradigm shifts in chromatography
* Profiles of Nobel laureates who used chromatography in their research, and the role it played
* Recent advances in column technology
* Chromatography's contributions to the agricultural, space, biological/medical sciences; pharmaceutical science; and environmental, natural products, and chemical analysis
* Future trends in chromatography

With numerous references and an engaging series of voices, Chromatography: A Science of Discovery offers a diverse look at an essential area of science. It is a unique and invaluable resource for researchers, students, and other interested readers who seek a broader understanding of this field.


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