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Sorge um den Rechten Weg des Konfuzianismus

Fang Dongshus Kritik an Dai Zhen und der Hanxue

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X, 400 S.

De Gruyter. ISBN 978-3-11-045149-8

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This thesis is a direct contribution in the field history of thoughts in Late Imperial China, and it adds insight about the reception of tradition in the first half of the 20th century, in particular Confucianism. It explores the criticism of one school (the orthodox daoxue-Confucianism) against another (hanxue-Confucianism) by studying one object of criticism in particular. The author of the criticism, Fang Dongshu (1772-1851), attacks Dai Zhen (1723-1777). Hitherto, research in the 20th century had celebrated Dai Zhen and the scholars of his school of thought/method as precursors to scientific thinking in pre-modern China. Similarly the orthodox schools were set aside as opponents to modernization of society and philosophy. Through the thorough study of arguments made on both sides, this thesis suggests a different understanding, because scholars that lived in a Confucian society had different requirements about Confucian teachings and their impact.Considering the points Fang Dongshu points out about his adversaries contributes to a historically more accurate understanding of the history of Chinese philosophy before the Opium Wars and the end of the Imperial Age.


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