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Gilles Deleuze's Difference and Repetition

A Critical Introduction and Guide

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Edinburgh University Press. ISBN 978-0-7486-6881-6

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James Williams is one of the most nuanced and creative of Deleuze’s interpreters, and this revised edition of his well-known guide to Difference and Repetition takes his work in new directions. Not only does he respond to the most recent scholarship on Deleuze, but he candidly re-assesses and deepens his own earlier treatment of various Deleuzian themes—such as genesis, individuation, illusion, difference, and negation, among others—thereby showing not only the complexity of Deleuze’s thought, but that its interpretation is itself an ongoing process of invention and innovation. Essential reading. Daniel W. Smith, Purdue University The original guide for students and scholars, now with new material and interpretations By critically analysing Deleuze's methods, principles and arguments, James Williams helps readers to engage with the revolutionary core of Deleuze's philosophy and take up positions for or against its most innovative and controversial ideas. This second edition includes a new chapter on questions of method around important concepts such as intensity, anarchic distribution, transcendental illusion and distinctness. Here, Williams reflects on the place of judgement and action in Deleuze’s work in order to explain its ethical and political dimensions. He also engages with the foremost recent interpretations of Deleuze by Bryant, Sauvagnargues, Smith, Somers-Hall, Hughes and de Beistegui, introducing you to the key debates and oppositions. James Williams is Professor of European Philosophy at the University of Dundee. He has published widely on the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze. His most recent books are Gilles Deleuze’s Philosophy of Time: A Critical Introduction and Guide (2011) and Gilles Deleuze’s Logic of Sense: A Critical Introduction and Guide (2008) both published by Edinburgh University Press.

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