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A History of Muslim Views of the Bible

The Bible and Muslim Identity Formation (7th to 11th century CE)

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Buch. Hardcover


270 S.

Gruyter, Walter de GmbH. ISBN 978-3-11-033494-4

Format (B x L): 15.5 x 23 cm

Das Werk ist Teil der Reihe: Studies of the Bible and Its Reception


This book aims to produce something not previously attempted - a synthetic history of Muslim responses to the Bible, stretching from the rise of Islam to the present day. It combines scholarship with a genuine narrative, so as to tell the story of Muslim engagement with the Bible. The book, covering Sunni, Imami Shi'i and Isma'ili perspectives, offers a scholarly overview of three areas of Muslim response, namely ideas of corruption, use and abrogation of the Biblical text. For each period of history the important figures and dominant trends, along with exceptions, are identified. The interplay between using and criticising the Bible is explored, and how the respective emphasis on these two approaches rises and falls in different periods and locations. The book critically engages with existing scholarship, probes received views on the subject, and thereby sheds light on an important area of interfaith concern.


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