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Residential Lighting

A Practical Guide to Beautiful and Sustainable Design

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2. Auflage 2009. Buch. 272 S. Hardcover

Wiley. ISBN 978-0-470-28483-4

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Bring lighting to its full potential in any home

Well-designed lighting can transform a space and enhance its occupants' feelings of well-being. Written by internationally recognized lighting consultant Randall Whitehead, this popular, easy-to-read lighting design guide offers both lighting designers and homeowners a highly visual introduction to the fundamentals of illuminating the single-family home.

Emphasizing the use of "light layering"-using a variety of lighting sources together-the book shares advice on design tools and room-by-room lighting strategies so you can visually shape a home to meet human needs. You'll find hands-on guidelines for assessing a client's needs, drawing a reflected ceiling plan, writing lighting specifications, choosing materials, and more.

Updated and enhanced throughout, this Second Edition offers:
* The design tools for putting together a well-designed lighting plan
* Room-by-room advice, with real-life examples of the products provided on related Web sites
* Expanded chapters on energy-efficient lighting, including LED technology, GU24 fluorescent lamps, and daylighting
* 32 pages of color plates demonstrating professional redesigns of interior and exterior rooms, and home offices

Filled with practical, pleasing solutions, this book will be a springboard for the imagination of interior designers, architects, and anyone working on residential projects where lighting is integral to the design.


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