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When Adoptions Go Wrong

Psychological and Legal Issues of Adoption Disruption

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2006. Buch. 0 S. Softcover

Taylor & Francis. ISBN 978-0-7890-3182-2

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When adoptions fail to happen, the effects can be devastating on children and the families who chose to adopt themWhat if you were an adopted child and someone tried to remove you from the family you had grown to love? In the last twenty years, changes in laws, judicial decisions, social welfare practices, and the availability of American children for adoption have led to an increase in disrupted adoptions. When Adoptions Go Wrong: Psychological and Legal Issues of Adoption Disruption examines the psychological and forensic aspects of adoption with an emphasis on how negative events can affect children and the families that choose to adopt them?and how you can prevent those events from happening.When Adoptions Go Wrong is a comprehensive resource on the causes of interrupted adoptions, including changing profiles of adoptive parents who have new reasons for wanting to adopt. With the help of detailed case examples, this powerful book explores the impact of disruptions on the children, the legal issues of determining in whose ?best interests? decisions are made, and possible methods of reducing the negative affects of those decisions on the children. It also stresses how important it is, for the professionals involved, to be aware of child development in the adoption process.Topics discussed in When Adoptions Go Wrong include: childrens rights legal rights of gays to adopt tribal rights (Native Americans) open adoption individual state laws concerning adoption the medias coverage of child custody cases types of adoption the ?Baby Jessica? case the Evan Scott case the ?Internet Twins? inadequate social services family court and much more When Adoptions Go Wrong also suggests legislative measures to create uniformity in the way states handle adoption issues to help natural and adoptive parents in making difficult decisions. The book is invaluable for psychologists, judges and lawyers, social workers, and prospective adoptive parents.


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