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Protective Coatings

Film Formation and Properties

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Springer-Verlag GmbH. ISBN 978-3-319-51625-7

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This book focuses on characterization of organic coatings by different testing methods and understanding of structure formation and materials properties. The knowledge of protective organic coatings and current test methods is based largely on empirical experience. This book aims at explaining the coating property changes during film drying and curing in terms of chemical and physical transformations. Current test methods are reviewed with emphasis on understanding their physical basis and expressing the test results in terms of comparable physical quantities. In general, this book provides readers a deeper understanding of the binder design, coating film formation process, properties build-up, appearance and defect formation, and automotive paint application. It also suggests manifold ways to improving the coatings performance.

This book is designed for coating professionals to gain deeper understanding of characterization techniques and to select the right ones to solve their coating problems. It is ideal for both experienced and early career scientists and engineers. Also, it is useful for graduate students in the general area of protective coatings.

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