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Weil / Levchik

Flame Retardants for Plastics and Textiles

Practical Applications

Buch. Hardcover

2. Auflage. 2015

398 S

In englischer Sprache

Carl Hanser. ISBN 978-1-56990-578-4

Format (B x L): 17,4 x 24,7 cm

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This updated edition of Flame Retardants for Plastics and Textiles provides an overview of flame retardants that are in commercial use, were recently used, or are in development. The book is organized polymer-by-polymer and provides a guide to advantages, limitations, and patented and patent-free formulations, with insight into favorable and unfavorable combinations. The targeted readership is the plastics or textile finish compounder and the plastic additives R&D worker, as well as market development and sales. This edition contains, besides a compendium of current flame retardants, updated information relevant to performance testing, mode of action, and safety and regulatory aspects. Industrial or academic researchers will find useful a discussion of unsolved problems with possible new approaches. Both authors have extended, productive experience in both basic and applied research on a wide range of flame retardancy topics. Contents: ?Flame Retardants in Commercial Use or Development for: ? Polyolefins, Olefin Copolymers, and Diene Elastomers ? Polystyrenes and Thermoplastic Styrene Copolymers ? Vinyl Chloride Polymers and Copolymers ? Polyamides ? Thermoplastic Polyesters ? Polycarbonates and Polycarbonate Blends ? Unsaturated Polyesters, Vinyl Resins, and Phenolics ? Polyurethanes, Polyisocyanurates, and Polyureas ? Epoxy Resins ? Textiles ?Significance of Flame Retardants ?Flammability and Smoke Tests Useful in R&D ?Modes of Action and Interaction of Flame Retardants ?Further Sources for Flame Retardancy Information

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