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Handbook of nutrition and diet in therapy of bone diseases

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1. 2016

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Wageningen Academic Publishers. ISBN 9789086868230

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Many diseases, nutrients, and foods affect bone structure and bone function, and are critical for human health and happiness. Osteoporosis is the most common bone metabolic disorder in humans. Its incidence is related to poor nutrition, altered hormonal status, ageing, diminished physical activity, impaired health status and harmful pharmacotherapy.
Vitamins, especially vitamin D, and calcium are historically recognized as important for bone health, whereas this book also shows that there is evidence for an association between vitamin D, calcium, bone mineral density and colorectal cancer. In addition, calcium supplements may increase the risk for cardiovascular events.
In regular food patterns, milk, vegetables, herbs, fruit and omega-3 may be profitable for bone health. Eating disorders also influence bone. For example, obesity is known to promote bone disease. This book discusses the multiple mechanisms by which obesity may affect bone mass and the effect of diet-induced maternal obesity on fetal bone development, as well as the different nutritional factors that can affect adolescent bone health. In addition, anorexia nervosa treatments that may help prevent loss of bone mass are reviewed. These treatments should not only be geared towards females but also towards males.

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