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Wallner / Lan / Brousek

Constructive Realism in Chinese Medicine

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In chinesischer und englischer Sprache

Bautz, Traugott. ISBN 978-3-95948-768-9

Das Werk ist Teil der Reihe: libri nigri


This book shows how to establish an integrative medicine by the example of a possible cooperation between Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM) and Western Medicine (WM). In the beginning we need to be aware of fundamental differences in the conceptualization and the respective self-understanding of the medical doing. WM follows the Newtonian concept of science, using Aristotelian logics and descriptive methodology. CCM on the other hand uses highly elaborated metaphorics and constructive self-understanding. Therefore, an integrative cooperation between CCM and WM appears to be reduced to addition. But - this book elaborates how constructivism - especially in the form of Constructive Realism (CR) - can build a bridge between WM and CCM: The concept of micro-worlds offers a way of cooperation between CCM and WM as contradicting systems. Strangification, the central hermeneutical methodology of CR, enriches medical terminology. It unites what often excludes one another: manifoldness and exactness.

Besides this general outcome, the book offers very interesting specific results of research:

. A new way of treatment for cancer

. How acupuncture can be used to treat sleep disorders

. The effectiveness of acupuncture and herbal remedies for the treatment of migraine

. A digression to the treatment of Qi pain in Korean acupuncture and moxibustion

Five contributions to other aspects and dimensions of Constructive Realism complete the book.

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