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Auralization is the creation of audible acoustic sceneries from computer-generated data. The term "auralization" is to be understood as being analogue to the well-known technique of "visualization". In visual illustration of scenes, data or any other meaningful information, in movie animation and in computer graphics, we describe the process of "making visible" as visualization. In acoustics, auralization is taking place when acoustic effects, primary sound signals or means of sound reinforcement or sound transmission, are processed to be presented by using electro-acoustic equipment. This book is organized as comprehensive collection of basics, methodology and strategies of acoustic simulation and auralization. With mathematical background of advanced students the reader will be able to follow the main strategy of auralization easily and work own implementations of auralization in various fields of applications in acoustic engineering, sound design and virtual reality. For readers interested in basic research the technique of auralization may be useful to create sound stimuli for specific investigations in linguistic, medical, neurological and psychological research and in the field of human-machine interaction. TOC:Fundamentals of acoustics.- Sound sources.- Sound propagation.- Sound fields in cavities and in rooms.- Structure-borne sound.- Psychoacoustics.- Signal processing for auralization.- Characterization of sources.- Convolution and sound synthesis.- Simulation models.- Simulation of sound in rooms.- Simulation and auralization of airborne sound insulation.- Simulation and auralization of structure-borne sound.- Binaural transfer path synthesis.- Aspects of real-time processing.- 3D sound reproduction in Virtual Reality systems.- Annex.- References.- Index.

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