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Simple Tactics to Trade for Wealth

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2010. DVD , DVD with Booklet

Wiley. ISBN 978-1-59280-438-2

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Your trading strategy to accumulate wealth requires a different approach than the tactics you use to generate income. To build a significant amount of wealth that will allow you to live the lifestyle you have worked so hard for, you need the formula that will progressively generate profit and increase your capital. Understanding which indicators to use, what patterns are best suited to finding wealth-building trades, and how to take positions that control your risk -- all require proven methods that consistently build your wealth.

In this complete two-disc course, Oliver Velez reveals the best performing Wealth Plays his system uses to generate winning recommendations. With no holds barred, Velez gives you:

* Each candlestick that makes up the Wealth Plays so you can spot them every time,
* The formula for setting ideal exits for each Play to maximize your profits,
* Combinations of candlesticks that dramatically increase the potential returns when you see them unfold,
* The secrets of what is happening in the markets to make these moves so powerful,
* Which technical indicators help identify which Wealth Plays can generate the biggest returns.

Most importantly, Velez walks you through the Trade for Wealth process, handing you everything you need to recognize which trading tactics can actually be preventing you from achieving more profit, more success and more long-term financial independence. Get started now putting this arsenal of Wealth Plays to work for you.


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