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Varotsos / Krapivin

Globalization and Sustainable Development

2007 2007. eBook , eBook. PDF

Springer-Verlag GmbH. ISBN 978-3-540-70662-5

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This book accumulates the knowledge from different sciences to parametrize the global ecodynamic process. The basic global problems of the Nature-Society-System (NSS) dynamics have been considered and the key problems of ensuring its sustainable development have been discussed. An analysis has been made of the present trend in changing ecological systems and characteristics of the present global ecodynamics have been estimated. Emphasis has been placed on the accomplishment of global geoinformation monitoring, which could provide reliable control of the environmental processes development by thus obtaining prognositic estimates of the consequences of anthropogenic projects. A new approach to the NSS numerical modelling has been proposed and demonstrative results have been given of modelling the dynamics of this system's characteristics in cases of some scenarios of anthropogenic impact on the environment. TOC:1. Problems of globalization and sustainable development.- 2. Globalization and biogeochemical cycles in the environment.- 3. Numerical modelling of the Nature/Society system.- 4. Global change and geoinformation monitoring.- 5. Risks of decision making in the field of global ecodynamics.


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