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An Introduction

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Rheinwerk Verlag. ISBN 978-1-4932-1838-7

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Enter the fast-paced world of SAP HANA 2.0 with this introductory guide. Begin with an exploration of the technological backbone of SAP HANA as a database and platform. Then, step into key SAP HANA user roles and discover core capabilities for administration, application development, advanced analytics, security, data integration, and more. No matter how SAP HANA 2.0 fits into your business, this book is your starting point.

In this book, you’ll learn about:
a. Technology
Discover what makes an in-memory database platform. Learn about SAP HANA’s journey from version 1.0 to 2.0, take a tour of your technology options, and walk through deployment scenarios and implementation requirements.

b. Tools
Unpack your SAP HANA toolkit. See essential tools in action, from SAP HANA cockpit and SAP HANA studio, to the SAP HANA Predictive Analytics Library and SAP HANA smart data integration.

c. Key Roles
Understand how to use SAP HANA as a developer, administrator, data scientist, data center architect, and more. Explore key tasks like backend programming with SQLScript, security setup with roles and authorizations, data integration with the SAP HANA Data Management Suite, and more.

Highlights include:
1) Architecture
2) Administration
3) Application development
4) Analytics
5) Security
6) Data integration
7) Data architecture
8) Data center

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