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Interpolation and Sampling in Spaces of Analytic Functions

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2004. Buch. Softcover

American Mathematical Society. ISBN 978-0-8218-3554-8

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Based on a series of six lectures given by the author at the University of Michigan, this book is intended as an introduction to the topic of interpolation and sampling in analytic function spaces. The three major topics covered are Nevanlinna-Pick interpolation, Carleson's interpolation theorem, and the Whittaker-Kotelnikov-Shannon theorem. The st

This book contains the latest developments in a central theme of research on analysis of one complex variable. The material is based on lectures at the University of Michigan. The exposition is about understanding the geometry of interpolating and samplin

Carleson's interpolation theorem; Interpolating sequences and the Pick property; Interpolation and sampling in Bergman spaces; Interpolation in the Bloch space; Interpolation, sampling, and Toeplitz operators; Interpolation and sampling in Paley-Wiener spaces; Bibliography; Index


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