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Tunick / Palumbo / Fratamico

New Techniques in the Analysis of Foods

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1999. Buch. viii, 214 S. Bibliographien. Hardcover

Springer. ISBN 978-0-306-46035-7

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The contributions in this volume were first presented at a symposium organized by the editors and held at the 214th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society in Las Vegas in September, 1997. The symposium was sponsored by the ACS Division of Agricultural and Food Chemistry and covered recent developments of interest in food analysis. Many changes have occurred since the standard textbooks on food analysis were published: E. coli 0 157:H7 has leaped into prominence, requiring new and rapid methods of detection; MALDI-MS was developed and used in food analysis for the first time; elec­ tron microscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy, and electrorheology have been applied to cheese, bread, meat, and chocolate, new methods for monitoring and predicting shelf life have been introduced; new techniques for determining the composition of food have evolved. This book includes many emerging approaches which food scientists may find useful and probably will not find in a textbook. The editors thank the authors whose work is presented in these chapters, the Divi­ sion of Agricultural and Food Chemistry for agreeing to hold the symposium, and our edi­ tors at Kluwer Academic I Plenum Publishers whose assistance made our task easier. Michael H. Tunick Samuel A. Palumbo Pina M. Fratamico v CONTENTS Physical Properties I. Transmission Electron Microscopic Imaging of Casein Submicelle Distribution in Mozzarella Cheese. Michael H. Tunick, Peter H. Cooke, Edyth L. Malin, Philip W. Smith, and V. H. Holsinger 9 2. Confocal Microscopy of Bread.


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