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Theilheimer's Synthetic Methods of Organic Chemistry

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2011. Buch. XX, 476 S. Hardcover

S. Karger. ISBN 978-3-8055-9954-2

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This systematic survey of the mainstream organic chemistry literature, published six-monthly, provides a key research tool. Highlights include:   ·  Examples abstracted to illustrate important new, generally applicable,      synthetic methods   ·  Abstracts summarizing the experimental procedure as well as indicating the      scope and limitations of the method and important mechanistic features   ·  Abstracts collated and organised into logical sections, affording a useful      browsing tool   ·  Comprehensive indexing and cross-referencing providing an invaluable      research tool   ·  More than 1000 graphical abstracts per year complemented by thousands      of additional references, which comprise supplementary information, citations      to previous abstracts, a review of reviews and informed commentary      on latest trends   ·  Available as 'ActiveBooks' - fully text-searchable online versions Each volume provides the organic chemist with an indispensable educational tool both for researching and browsing recent literature highlights in a way that is entirely complementary with searching electronic reaction databases. Extensive indexing and cross-referencing allows the series to grow, volume by volume, into an important reference work that deserves to be an integral part of any scientific library. Specifically, volume 79 comprises:   ·  546 graphical abstracts covering the mainstream organic chemistry      literature to May 2011   ·  A summary of reviews covering the six-month period to September 2011,      collated into easily-accessible sections   ·  An informed commentary on research trends during the six-month      period to November 2011


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