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Integrated Risk and Vulnerability Management Assisted by Decision Support Systems

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The purpose of the present volume is to bridge the gap between risk sciences and decision support tools, in view of a better performance in governance. This collection of papers addresses questions, and provides tentative answers to issues such as: 'do adequate tools for risk governance exist'; 'are they available to decision-makers'; 'what are the needs of the various stakeholders (i.e. planners, regulators, industry, public) for an effective risk management'; 'what new tools have to be developed in order to cover these needs', and 'what features should they have'. The range of applications and associated decision support tools to address aspects of integrated risk and vulnerability management by use of decision support systems cover numerous disciplines and fields of application including process industry, transportation, natural disasters, emerging risks, critical infrastructures, insurance, and national security related aspects. TOC:Preface. Acknowledgements. Disaster Risk and Vulnerability Management: From Awareness to Practice, A. Gheorghe, D. Vamanu. Quantitative Area Risk Analysis: Available Tools and Open Problems, V. Cozzani, S. Zanelli. Aripar-gis, Trat, Optipath, Ehhra-gis: features and applications of some tools for assisting decision-makers in risk management, G. Spadoni, S. Bovincini. Risk Based Decision Making: Three Examples of Practical Application Tools, M. Abrahamsson, H. Johansson, J. Nilsson, S.E. Magnusson. Catastrophe Risk Management. Vulnerability and Equity, A. Amendola, Y. Ermoliev, T. Ermolieva. Interactive Risk Management, B. Capaul. Pilot Project on Environment and Health Rapid Risk Assessment in Secondary Rivers of the Mean and Lower Danube Basin. Methodology and Application, B. Frattini, N. Manning. Facing Modern Times: Challenges in Risk Analysis, R. Mock. A Research and Development Strategy on Assessment and Management of Technological and Natural Risks, A.C. Lucia. Index.


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