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Olympic Event Organization

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2007. Buch. 206 S. Softcover

Taylor & Francis. ISBN 978-0-7506-8476-7

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Olympic Event Organization is the first text to address a number of important questions in contemporary mega-event management:

Which organizations are involved in the Olympic Movement and in what capacity?
What are the interorganizational flows of authority and finance between them?
How is work grouped, in what unit sizes, how specialized and formalized are work processes?
How complex, dynamic, diversified, or friendly is their environment?
What are the power issues and how do the technological processes affect these organizations?
How do the OCOGs evolve in their life cycle, what pressures shape their structures and management processes and how is work co-ordinated?
The examination of the Olympic Games event organization in the 10-year period, from bidding to post-games closing down, draws material from host cities to explore the types of interorganizational flows that take place at various stages for the Olympic Games to be delivered. Knowledge transfer from one host city to the next and an established organizational field also means that management practises sometimes follow some externally imposed organizing logics. The challenges faced by organizers are discussed and the tensions that a strong management template from the IOC creates are also examined. Finally, the issue of sustainability of the Olympic Games is identified along with an analysis of the ways in which the concepts of impact are appropriated by the various stakeholders involved with the Olympic Games as they attempt to influence public opinion.Written in an accessible and insightful manner Olympic Event Organization is essential reading for both academics and practitioners alike.


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