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The Art & Science of Assisted Reproductive Technology

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2015. Buch. 568 S. 37 Illustrationen, 192 s/w-Darstellungen, 58 Tabellen. Hardcover

JP Medical. ISBN 9789351524755

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The Art & Science of Assisted Reproductive Technology is a comprehensive step by step guide to different types of ART.

The book is divided into fifteen sections, beginning with instructions on setting up an assisted reproductive technology laboratory. The second section is a guide to the evaluation of an infertile couple, including the use of ultrasound and Doppler imaging in infertility, and the effect of the environment on fertility. Further sections include information on third party reproduction, medical and surgical treatments, and gamete donation and manipulation.

The book describes ART techniques that employ molecular genetics, which can maximise the efficiency of ART treatments. Conditions that negatively affect fertility, including sexually transmitted diseases, endometriosis, ectopic pregnancy and immune system conditions are also discussed in detail.

The Art & Science of Assisted Reproductive Technology covers all aspects of ART, from laboratory set up, embryo transfer and implantation, to cryopreservation (freezing) of eggs, sperm and embryos. Enhanced by nearly 300 full colour images, illustrations and tables, this book an essential resource for gynaecologists and infertility specialists.

Key Points

- Comprehensive step by step guide to all aspects of assisted reproductive technology

- Includes guide to set up of an ART laboratory

- Information on ART in special conditions, third party ART and complications in ART

- 287 full colour images, illustrations and tables


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