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Mobility in a Globalised World 2017

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Otto-Friedrich-Uni. ISBN 978-3-86309-571-0

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The term mobility has different meanings in the following science disciplines. In economics, mobility is the ability of an individual or a group to improve their eco-nomic status in relation to income and wealth within their lifetime or between gen-erations. In information systems and computer science, mobility is used for the concept of mobile computing, in which a computer is transported by a person dur-ing normal use. Logistics creates by the design of logistics networks the infrastruc-ture for the mobility of people and goods. Electric mobility is one of today's solu-tions from an engineering perspective to reduce the need of energy resources and environmental impact. Moreover, for urban planning, mobility is the crunch ques-tion about how to optimise the different needs for mobility and how to link differ-ent transportation systems. In this publication we collected the ideas of practitioners, researchers, and gov-ernment officials regarding the different modes of mobility in a globalised world, focusing on both domestic and international issues.

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