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Visual Basic Graphics Programming

Hands-On Applications and Advanced Color Development

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1999. Buch. XXIV, 712 S. Softcover

wiley. ISBN 978-0-471-35599-1

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All the tools you need to create the full range of Visual Basic(r) color graphics applications

Expert Rod Stephens provides you with everything you need to add advanced graphics to your applications in this in-depth introduction to graphic programming with Microsoft Visual Basic. From images using as few as 16 colors to "true-color" applications that use more than 16 million, he shows you how to create the full range of color graphics applications. You'll learn how to use Visual Basic controls to create impressive graphic effects without having to buy expensive add-on products.

This book/CD-ROM package also explains how to integrate imaging, animation, and two- and three-dimensional graphics into an application. And you'll find the tools to manipulate color images, overlay one image on another, build scrolled windows, and much more.

The Second Edition covers:
* New API functions
* Bitmap image morphing
* New algorithms for hidden surface removal
* Print preview with multiple pages and scales
* Image processing, including high color and true color
* Examples of controlling animation using simulation
* New examples that demonstrate shape-distorting transformations
* New examples of fractals and tilings
* Gouraud shading, Phong shading, and texturing
* Ray tracing speed improvements
* Ray tracing for new kinds of objects

The CD-ROM includes:
* More than 400 complete, ready-to-run example programs
* Pictures to use with the example programs
* Images generated by the programs
* Color images of many of the figures from the book
* Source code for all example programs from the First Edition


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