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Srimathveeravalli / Prakash

Principles and Technologies for Electromagnetic Energy Based Therapies

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Buch. Softcover


500 S.

In englischer Sprache

William Andrew Publishing. ISBN 978-0-12-820594-5

Format (B x L): 19,1 x 23,5 cm


Principles and Technologies for Electromagnetic Energy Based Therapies covers the theoretical foundations of electromagnetic-energy based therapies, principles for design of practical devices and systems, techniques for in vitro and in vivo testing of devices, and clinical application examples of contemporary therapies employing non-ionizing electromagnetic energy. The book provides in-depth coverage of: pulsed electric fields, radiofrequency heating systems, tumor treating fields, and microwave heating technology. Devices and systems for electrical stimulation of neural and cardiac issue are covered as well. Lastly, the book describes and discusses issues that are relevant to engineers who develop and translate these technologies to clinical applications.

Readers can access information on incorporation of preclinical testing, clinical studies and IP protection in this book, along with in-depth technical background for engineers on electromagnetic phenomena within the human body and selected therapies. It covers both engineering and biological/medical materials and gives a full perspective on electromagnetics therapies. Unique features include content on tumor treating fields and the development and translation of biomedical devices.

- Provides in-depth technical background on electromagnetic energy-based therapies, along with real world examples on how to design devices and systems for delivering electromagnetic energy-based therapies
- Includes guidance on issues that are relevant for translating the technology to the market, such as intellectual property, regulatory issues, and preclinical testing
- Companion site includes COMSOL models, MATLAB code, and lab protocols

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