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A Modular Vehicle Test Platform to Integrate and Validate Complex Automotive Systems

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In a conjoint research project the Department of Mechanism Theory and Dynamics of Machines of the RWTH Aachen University and the Continental Automotive GmbH elaborated a concept for a modular overall vehicle research and development platform to verify and validate complex embedded electric/ electronic systems especially applicable for electric hybrid and electric driven vehicles. Basic designs of electric hybrid vehicle drive train layouts are briefly pictured. A classification of hybrid vehicles according to the increasing function range and to the corresponding complexity in research and development is described. The continuous progress in driver and safety assistance systems will most likely bring forth drive-bywire technology in future vehicles. The fully electro-mechanical by-wire technology requires suitable redundant designs and a robust electrical energy supply developed and tested according to the identified risks, the likelihood of hazardous events and the potential health consequences to persons. The aim to control and even manage the rising complexity of future vehicle technology in a reliable and faultless manner leads to new approaches in R&D, e.g. model based development to support system understanding. These approaches have to include technical know-how, project management, socio-cultural understanding and the building up of therefore adapted business knowledge. A major focus has to be put on the integrated product creation process using a common engineering information structure, development structure and testing structure also to be used for later vehicle integration and validation. For fast and efficient integration a flexible overall test platform to combine simulation and real testing at laboratory conditions is necessary. The design of a modular overall vehicle test platform combining system stimulation and simulation is shown. Different set-ups of the platform are explained using several examples of integration use cases. The development and test platform is also engineered to perform system risk assessments and basic set-up adjustments before pre-production stage. In the automotive industry R&D is a key factor to succeed in the global market. New methods and tools are inevitable to support engineers efficiently to develop, test, integrate and validate complex, interacting systems. The elaborated vehicle test platform is a powerful tool offering the therefore needed technologies. But, no matter how sophisticated any method or tool is, it is the engineers using them in a smart way to manage today's challenges for mobility and to innovate future transportation.


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