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Biophotonics, Tryptophan and Disease

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Buch. Softcover


225 S.

In englischer Sprache

William Andrew Publishing. ISBN 978-0-12-822790-9

Format (B x L): 19,1 x 23,5 cm


Biophotonics, Tryptophan and Disease is a comprehensive resource on the key role of tryptophan in wide range of diseases as seen by using optics techniques. It explores the use of fluorescence spectroscopy, Raman, imaging techniques and time-resolved spectroscopy in normal and diseased tissues and shows the reader how light techniques (i.e. spectroscopy and imaging) can be used to detect, distinguish and evaluate diseases. Diseases covered include cancer, neurodegenerative diseases and other age-related diseases.

Biophotonics, Tryptophan and Disease offers a clear presentation of techniques and integrates material from different disciplines into one resource. It is a valuable reference for students and interdisciplinary researchers working on the interface between biochemistry and molecular biology, translational medicine, and biophotonics.

- Shows the key role of tryptophan in diseases
- Emphasizes how optical techniques can be potent means of assessing many diseases
- Points to new ways of understanding autism, aging, depression, cancer and neurodegenerative diseases

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