Emily Dickinson

A User's Guide
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2021. Buch. 192 S. Softcover
wiley ISBN 978-1-4051-4721-7
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Emily Dickinson, A User's Guide presents a comprehensive introduction to the life and works of Emily Dickinson, Offers a richly appreciative biographical and critical introduction to America's most widely admired woman poet
* Written by a world-renowned Emily Dickinson scholar and American literary critic
* Represents the only book that reads Dickinson through her manuscripts, the print editions of her work, and the major digital Dickinson editions published since 1994
* The User's Guide is a new kind of book for a new era of reading
* Is the only book that is an introduction to the poet, her work, and her receptions among readers
* Is the only book that presents new biography and textual discoveries that have just come to light in 2011
* Interprets Dickinson through the dynamic interchange between the reader's sense of her life and her work
* Draws on prominent critical views from the past century, including sentimental, modernist, new critical, psychological, feminist, queer, and postmodernist readings
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