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Rarefied Gas Dynamics

Fundamentals for Research and Practice

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Wiley-VCH. ISBN 978-3-527-41326-3

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This book provides a coherent and easy accessible approach to rarefied gas dynamics. The author addresses young researchers and professionals who look for a consistent introduction as well as scientists and engineers who deal with molecular gas dynamics in their routine work. It is the first monograph which includes advanced topics like oscillatory flows and sound propagation in the rarefied gas flows.
The reader is introduced to the main concepts and recent results of rarefied gas dynamics. No prior knowledge of gas dynamics is needed to develop a sound understanding of the underlying principles of thermodynamics, modern analytical and numerical methods of modelling. The author includes different theoretical and computational methodologies like model kinetic equations, the discrete velocity method, and Monte Carlo methods. It is beneficial to have all of them in one place, since these methods often have different domains of applicability.
Most results are given without using mathematical derivations. Readers who want to study this field deeper can choose from a long list of references.
Audience: Researchers, engineers and professionals who deal with rarefied gas dynamics in their routine work and need quickly to learn main concepts and results of this field. Advanced and PhD students in physics, mathematics, mechanical engineering and chemical engineering.

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