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Differential Approaches in Microsurgery of the Brain

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1985. Buch. vii, 415 S. Bibliographien. Hardcover

Springer. ISBN 978-3-211-81857-2

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Preface In the present volume various approaches to the same in relation to the surrounding brain structures and target area in the deep regions of the brain are cerebral vessels. Here it is to be noted that the so­ described. In the previous volumes this aspect was called "quadrigeminal" region consists not only of the taken little into account. The author endeavored to Cisterna tecti, but the nearby fissures (Fissura trans­ describe particularly the typical operative approaches versa cerebri and Fissura horizontalis cere belli) and their principles to make it easier for the beginner should also be included. The pathological processes to learn the microsurgical techniques in interventions do not generally confine themselves to the Cisterna in the central nervous system. tecti, but extend over the neighboring fissures. The Now problematical processes in the immediate vicini­ Cisterna tecti extends without limits into the neigh­ ty of the brainstem area have been exclusively boring fissures and into the Cisterna ambiens. selected. They have been separated into dorsal, later­ As previously, besides personal operational experi­ ences (which are not marked as such) also interven­ al and ventral processes with locations mainly in the dorsal, lateral or ventral cisternal areas. Each of tions are presented which have been carried out by these three groups has been separated again into co-workers.


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